Katherine Danesi

Brand Strategy & Business Development

I am a marketing, brand and business development strategist. In other words, I am a fixer and change agent. I coach small businesses to determine what is needed to achieve growth and develop the plan to get there. 

I am a small business coach working with companies and individuals in transition, either by choice or by circumstance: they see an opportunity and realize that now is the time to act, or they’ve arrived at a place where they feel the market shifting and know that if they don’t make a move they’ll be left behind. This group of intrepid souls includes established business teams that want to expand their offerings and re-launch or re-focus their brands, emerging companies launching new products or services and talented, and creative individuals seeking to find a way to earn a living pursuing that about which they are most passionate.




Branding, digital presence, sales and marketing strategy, and operations are all part of the equation.  


Business strategy and direction

Identification of market opportunities

Branding and positioning

Marketing strategy

Competitor analysis


Web project management

Organization and structure



Depending on the scope of the project, availability of the principals and target completion date, engagements typically span two to four months. A detailed work proposal is submitted in advance and modified, as needed, to meet the goals and constraints of the client. Meeting and progress reports are submitted on a regular basis to ensure the project is staying on track and to make necessary adjustments based on changing circumstances and progress-to-date.



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