Katherine Danesi

Brand Strategy & Business Development

I am a marketing, brand and business development strategist. In other words, I am a fixer and change agent. I coach small businesses to determine what is needed to achieve growth and develop the plan to get there. 

What Clients Have To Say

"I had the opportunity to work closely with Katherine over the past year on ShopToko.com, a fashion wholesale marketplace. Katherine was really the driving force behind the project, from management to execution. Her team always provided timely information and resources, and her input was instrumental in ensuring that the right approach and strategy was implemented. What's more, she was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to any company, as an employee or consultant."

 Joshua Williams, Fashion Chair, Berkeley College and Consultant, Fashion Consort

"There are some people that are not programmers that just 'get it' when it comes to working with developers. The attention to the detail of the application, especially something like an order management system, and how to communicate business needs clearly to developers is what Katherine has in spades. Her understanding of technology and how to use it is so well developed it is second nature for her. She doesn't just gloss over the issues that come up during development, she takes the time to understand them, and understand them quickly to be able to see in the big picture what the best solution is going to be. That is invaluable when working to combine business needs with technology in the best possible balance. 

When building an ecommerce/social platform all rolled into one with inevitable hiccups and bumps along the way, Katherine was able to guide the project and keep things on track when disparate needs and personalities came into play. Through the whole process, the tight deadlines, shifting requirements and opposing viewpoints, Katherine was always, kind, positive and upbeat and able to keep things focused in the right direction. It was amazing to me to see how much Katherine was able to accomplish in so many different areas. She was able to seemingly switch gears as quickly as she picked up the phone to speak to somebody about a totally different set of issues on the project. She is one of those hard to find people that bring passion, dedication and intelligence to any situation she is in. I look forward to working with Katherine again."

Tom Jensen, Web Developer, Chocolate Pocket LLC (on ShopToko.com)  

“Katherine gets what I’m striving to do and makes me less crazy. She’s helped me streamline my projects and focus more deeply on my brand.”

Tanisha Christie, Filmmaker, Producer, Educator,
Aya Arts and Media, LLC

“Katherine has been incredibly helpful in encouraging me to take a high level look at my business, while also being able to recognize the smaller details that have impacted both my revenue, and my efficiency – how I'm managing my time and resources. With her guidance, I've been able to identify opportunities for growing the brand, fine-tune my existing products and create new ones, tighten my marketing approach, and also identify areas where I was losing revenue by investing in marketing resources that weren't producing a return. She also brings a good eye for the visual aspects of branding and the impact it has on my overall site traffic, which is a core concern for me as a web-based business.”

Dana Leavy-Detrick, Owner, Brooklyn Resume Studio

“The entrepreneur whisperer.”

Laura Rubin, Founder & Principal, LLR Consulting

We contracted with Katherine to create a white paper around security for unattended devices - ATMs, eVoting systems, and POS systems. She researched the subject matter thoroughly, created a cohesive synopsis, and delivered a well-constructed, compelling paper that has proved a compelling piece of collateral in the field. A good job from start to finish!

Pat BItton, Writer/Editor 



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