Katherine Danesi

Brand Strategy & Business Development

I am a marketing, brand and business development strategist. In other words, I am a fixer and change agent. I coach small businesses to determine what is needed to achieve growth and develop the plan to get there. 

About Katherine

My background runs the gamut – from a long stint at a Fortune 500 company to a few technology start-ups (the less-fashionable – a web access control solution and an IT services marketplace – and the fashion-focused – an online platform to connected designers with tools and resources to get their products made and an online wholesale marketplace).

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I have managed teams in sales, customer support, operations and marketing. I have hired, fired and project managed. I have launched new initiatives within large organizations and new organizations outright. I love asking questions, researching, providing direction and solving problems to determine the right strategy, audience and messaging.

Recognized as a creative problem solver and innovative thinker with a reputation for getting things done, I have the ability to see the big picture and to dive into the details. This range of experience has provided the opportunity to marry structure and process with creativity and flexibility.

New York is the place I call home. 


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